I've been thinking about - Android project

Hey! For who don’t know me yet. I’m Fábio Santos and I’m going to create an interface for a tablet supported by Android, in order to master my self in Multimedia Communication.

I've been thinking about the question that I wanna answer with my work. After reading a few articles about the subject, and taking in mind my pragmatic project , I think that I'm getting close what is going to be my big question.

And it will be (probably) something like:

What are the elements that must be present, in order to create a good user experience on a Android device supported by a tablet?

Well, with that I have some several concepts to focus on:

- User experience
- what we can do to influence experience
- elements that compose user experience
- Tablets
- Is that like mobile?
- Is that like desktop?
- Or is that something new?
- What aspects do we have to take care designing for that device?
- Android
- What is it?
- What is new about it?
- What aspects do we have to take care designing for that platform?

- Connection between User experience, tablets and Android.

If you have some suggestions, please comment :) All the advices that you can give will be considered.

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